Structure-Based Statistical Mechanical Model

Guarnera, E. & Berezovsky, I. N. Structure-Based Statistical Mechanical Model Accounts for the Causality and Energetics of Allosteric Communication. PLoS Comput Biol 12, e1004678 (2016).

Allosteric mutation

Kurochkin, I. V., Guarnera, E., Wong, J. H., Eisenhaber, F. & Berezovsky, I. N. Toward Allosterically Increased Catalytic Activity of Insulin-Degrading Enzyme against Amyloid Peptides. Biochemistry 56, 228–239 (2017).

Identifying, inducing and tuning targeted allosteric response

Tee, W. V., Guarnera, E. & Berezovsky, I. N. Reversing allosteric communication: from detecting allosteric sites to inducing and tuning targeted allosteric response. PLoS Comput Biol 14, e1006228 (2018).

Web-server for allosteric and mutation analysis

Guarnera, E., Tan, Z. W., Zheng, Z. & Berezovsky, I. N. AlloSigMA: allosteric signaling and mutation analysis server. Bioinformatics 33, 3996–3998 (2017).

Allosteric Modulation and Allosteric Signaling Maps

Guarnera, E. & Berezovsky, I. N. Towards comprehensive allosteric control over protein activity. Submitted (2018). bioRxiv 384198; doi:

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